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Tell Me Again What I'm Supposed to Want

So Disney is finally taking a whack at the Rapunzel fairy tale (retitled Tangled.) Only they can't just animate a fairy tale anymore. They have to turn the story on its head to make it fit better into our currently accepted social guidelines.

In the case of Rapunzel/Tangled, this means that the prince is not a prince anymore because wymyn aren't supposed to sit around waiting for a prince to come and rescue them. That's bad. So this guy is a roguish thief. Because it's soooo much better for a woman to take up with a wanted criminal who breaks into her house.

Well played, Disney. Although I suppose you aren't totally to blame for the bizarro confused messages women are bombarded with about just who and what they should want out of life.

Going back to Katniss Everdeen, with the anticipation surrounding the release of Mockingjay, there's more and more talk about "Team Peeta/Team Gale" all over the internet. Interestingly, there are quite a few vocal members of "Team Katniss" or more specifically "Team Katniss-doesn't-need-a-man."

Is that seriously what you want to say? And I want to ask all of these people "Do YOU have a man? because if you do, he's got to go right now because you don't need him." And where are the "Team Peeta-doesn't-need-a-woman" people? How come you never hear anyone telling young men "Listen, you shouldn't get married. You should just find fulfillment through a career."

You know, some women want a man*. They can be very nice to have around. And in spite of Katniss's protestations to the contrary, it's pretty clear that yeah, she wants a man. And she's got two admirable candidates right in front of her. It's not like she's going to desperately grab the first shlub that comes along or take up with Joe Wifebeater down the street because "Well, he needs me." To paraphrase the immortal words of Mother Superior in The Trouble With Angels, she isn't going to yield. She's going to choose.**

Yeah, yeah, I know we're talking to teenaged girls here about not letting the quest for a guy overtake their young lives at the expense of education, friends, etc. But you don't hear that qualified. You rarely hear people say "You don't need a boyfriend right now." It's always so sweeping, like a man-free life is the ideal a woman can shoot for.

You like strong heroines? Fine. You can be strong and still like cuddling with hot guys. Sheesh and blarghity blargh blargh.

*And of course, some women want a woman, and for those who have no problem with that, you never hear anyone saying to them "You know, you really don't need a woman. You should just have a career and fulfill yourself." It's just men you're not supposed to want?
** ETA: I was wrong. She didn't choose. She yielded big time. But I was right about how the decision was made for her through character assassination.

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