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Lady Violet starts this episode off with the inspiring line that "Grief makes one so terribly tired." That must be why Tom hasn't moved from his spot in the drawing room. Either that or someone has glued his shoes to the floor.

Downstairs, in between being creepy, Thomas continues to don the mantle of chief mourner for Lady Sybil. Refresh my memory: just how well did he know Lady Sybil? We did not see this on screen and therefore this is not earned. Anna and her grief too, for that matter. She has primarily been shown as close to Lady Mary.

And now the downstairs is buzzing with unfamiliar faces again. Where do these people go when there isn't a wedding or funeral? Do they just pop up like mushrooms when needed?

Anna and Bates are still talking about the poisoned pie. Stop talking about the pie! It still makes no sense and it is still SILLY.

I don't think Lord G listened to the doctor because he was fashionable. I thought he had good reasons to listen to him. Is it all that unreasonable to seek the advice of a specialist, titled or not?

And did Lord G really think he was going to get lucky the night of Sybil's funeral?

Is someone speaking? No, it's just Edith.

Matthew has perfected his "Robert is an ass" expression. Takes one to know one, Doughboy.

So it took a death to get Carson to treat Tom decently. Nice. "Sorry your wife died. Here. Have a plate."

Robert, you are wrong about everything and everyone hates you.

"Presumably it will be his influence that governs her upbringing." Presumably because he's her FATHER?

Lady Violet may not have a heart but she knows that they--uh--well--inconvenient things, hearts.

Ethel is going to prepare a salmon mousse. Am I the only one who immediately thought of this:

When one of your characters has to underscore the point of the last two minutes of dialogue between four other characters, you have some serious writer doubt going on. Thank you, Mr. Fellowes, but we are not all morons. We get that this footman likes that kitchen maid and that kitchen maid likes this other footman and blah blah. It's not exactly a Gordian knot you have tied for us.

Tom, perhaps if you kept a shamrock in your lapel and minced about with a shillelagh, you wouldn't have to keep reminding everyone you are Irish.

Anna doesn't want to discuss religion because it will only lead to arguments. In a way, Anna is the soul of this production. God forbid drama should develop. Anna will do her best to stamp it out.

"Your heart's in the right place. Can't say the same for everyone under this roof." Says the man who won't let anyone talk to the ex-prostitute.

I'm trying hard to follow Doughboy's logic here. So Robert wasn't given Downton by God's decree. Though in a way, he was. It was given as a right of birth. And if you believe in God at all, well then, how else did Robert end up where he was except for God's decree? That aside, if Doughboy is so contemptuous of the whole feudal set up, then just LET IT GO and stop trying to fix it. God, man.

Michele Dockery's wig so very apparent in bedroom sequences.

Ivy and the footmen talk about dancing and nobody ever anywhere in the entire history of mankind has ever had a conversation like that.

"The foxtrot makes you glad to feel young" "The light from the gaslamps made a kind of halo around her." Julian Fellowes was smoking some good stuff this week.

"Thought I'd spend my life in service." Dream big, Daisy! Though far more realistic attitude than the aging farmer who suddenly develops unbelievable prognostic skills and predicts the downfall of the great houses. Given that he enjoys a happy and clearly prosperous relationship with a great house, not believable that he would so eagerly anticipate their demise. Not a man of his generation. Not to mention, here he is warning Daisy away from trusting she will have forty years of employment in the great house and yet urging her to take up the farm, which is granted to him in a tenantry agreement WITH THE GREAT HOUSE. Perhaps he has lost his mind. That might explain why he cherishes the delusion that a dimwit like Daisy could run a farm AND a jam-and-jelly start up at the same time.

Either Lady Violet stole that chair in her office from the Abbey or this show is cheaping out on props. Because Robert was sitting on it in his own parlor earlier that morning.

"Have we nothing in common?" Lady Violet asks the doctor who refuses to lie for her. Well, not gratuitous perjury, obviously.

Sometimes Fellowes weirdly writes like he isn't British, overemphasizing while not-quite-appropriately using Britishisms like "a wide berth" the way an American writer would.

"Robert is referring to Ethel's work as a prostitute." Ah ha ha ha ha!!! Best line of the entire series. "I like to keep my work as a prostitute separate from my work in accounting." Heh.

All of these people are far too keenly aware of the slow, uneventful Gotterdammerung heading their way.

Mary reminds her father of how much Sybil loved Tom. Something we all need to be reminded of because God knows we never saw much of it on screen.

That is one HUGE baby. No wonder Sybil died.

So all of the drama in the last episode surrounding Lady Sybil's delivery was in the disagreement between the two doctors regarding her treatment. Now the country doctor is saying that everything he said that night may not be true. Only he's saying it by saying the EXACT SAME THING HE SAID THAT NIGHT! Only he's not because then he keeps talking and he contradicts himself THREE TIMES and I can't even follow this anymore, it's so stupid.

And yet, everyone else somehow manages to accept this as some kind of proof and now we're all happy again and POOF goes another source of tension and drama.*

And Bates is being released because there was a PIE or something. I don't know. But you know what I do know? That whole time he was in prison, NOTHING HAPPENED. Even this stupid thing with the pie. First Mrs. Whatsis wouldn't say what they wanted her to say. Oh, but now she will. So now that's over.

On a more serious note: Anyone else having a problem that the gay character on this show is depicted in such a negative fashion? Or do we all just accept that gay men are given to unwanted advances. It's what they do. They simply can't help themselves. After all, Ivy is constantly making unwanted advances of her own, and that-footman-whose-name-I-can't-remember isn't interested in her, either, but isn't nearly as skeeved out and never complains about her.

*You will note that I called this last week, that the tension between Robert and Cora would last precisely one episode.


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Feb. 4th, 2013 10:55 pm (UTC)
"We get that this footman likes that kitchen maid and that kitchen maid likes this other footman and blah blah."

This is seriously getting old. Time for someone to get LAID!
Feb. 4th, 2013 10:56 pm (UTC)
Well, they danced. That's almost the same thing in England.
Feb. 4th, 2013 10:58 pm (UTC)
Ha! You got a point...
Feb. 4th, 2013 11:11 pm (UTC)
On a serious note, this show is a little too well-behaved.
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